EVENTS: Woman with a headscarf on a balcony cleaning a window


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•	Identifying Victims of Trafficking in Israel  Picture: Crowd of people (backs and front view) walking on a crowded street
•	Launch of a Digitized Database on Human Trafficking in Israel o	Picture: Three women working at a desk with computers
The Law Criminalizing the Purchase of Sexual Services – a Critical Discussion o	Picture: Backs of crowd holding opened red umbrellas
•	Globordered Intimacies: Immigration and Gendered Labor o	Picture: Concrete stairs, with a picture going up the wall next to the steps of black shadow figures holding hands


Minimum Wage Laws and Social Equality o	Picture: Women protesters with signs, including: “I deserve two hours rest” “Equal rights for . ..” and “Equal rights for all”
•	Challenges Facing the Long-Term Care Patient as an Employer o	Picture: Drawing of younger woman with brown hair in ponytail,with her arm around an older women with grey hair holding a cane; behind them is an open doorway
Bilateral Migration Agreements – “The Day After” o	Picture: Protesters holding signs; one in Hebrew says: Cucumber season, next to a man holding a fistful of cucumbers
•	Regulating the Human Supply Chain o	Picture: Legs, arms and hands of a person pulling a sweet potato out of earth; another worker bent over and leafy trees in the background