•	Identifying Victims of Trafficking in Israel  Picture: Crowd of people (backs and front view) walking on a crowded street
•	Launch of a Digitized Database on Human Trafficking in Israel o	Picture: Three women working at a desk with computers
The Law Criminalizing the Purchase of Sexual Services – a Critical Discussion o	Picture: Backs of crowd holding opened red umbrellas
•	Globordered Intimacies: Immigration and Gendered Labor o	Picture: Concrete stairs, with a picture going up the wall next to the steps of black shadow figures holding hands


Minimum Wage Laws and Social Equality o	Picture: Women protesters with signs, including: “I deserve two hours rest” “Equal rights for . ..” and “Equal rights for all”
•	Challenges Facing the Long-Term Care Patient as an Employer o	Picture: Drawing of younger woman with brown hair in ponytail,with her arm around an older women with grey hair holding a cane; behind them is an open doorway
Bilateral Migration Agreements – “The Day After” o	Picture: Protesters holding signs; one in Hebrew says: Cucumber season, next to a man holding a fistful of cucumbers
•	Regulating the Human Supply Chain o	Picture: Legs, arms and hands of a person pulling a sweet potato out of earth; another worker bent over and leafy trees in the background


TraffLab is funded by the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. 
Grant agreement No 756672. 

Principal Investigator: Hila Shamir
Host Institution: Tel Aviv University, Israel
Duration: 5 years
Start date: April 1st, 2018

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