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The TraffLab research project began in April 2018.  We are working on various research projects. Here are some of the titles we are working on. We will upload further work in progress and published work as soon as we can, as it becomes available. Meanwhile, if any of this research interests you please contact us at, or contact the authors individually.

  A Labor Approach to Human Trafficking 

Hila Shamir, A Labor Approach to Human Trafficking: Twenty Years of International Efforts to Address Human Trafficking, Iyunei Mishpat 377-482 (2021). [Hebrew] [Abstract in English]

  Human Trafficking - Definitions

Maayan Niezna, Forced Labour of Migrant Workers – Conceptual and Practical Challenges with Legal Definitions.


  Bilateral Agreements on Migration and other Migration Regimes

Yuval Livnat, Israel's Bilateral Agreements with Source Countries of Migrant Workers: What is Covered, What is Ignored and Why? (December 17, 2019). Available at SSRN: 


Assaf Bondy and Hila Shamir, Spectrums of Agency and Vulnerability: Migration Regimes and Sectoral Segmentation in the Israeli Construction Sector.

Hanny Ben Israel and Yahel Kurlander, The Day After: New and Old Configurations of Employment and Recruitment of Migrant Workers in the Age of Bilateral Agreements.

Avinoam Cohen and Yahel Kurlander, Migration as a Tryptich: Regime Change, Global Trends and the Regulation of Migrant Labor for Israeli Agriculture.

Tamar Megiddo, Learning from the BITS: Bilateral Labor Agreements in Comparative Perspective. Draft available at SSRN:

Avinoam Cohen, Decentered Migration Governance.

Yahel Kurlander and Matan Kaminer, Permanent Workers in the Backyard: The Employment of Thai Migrant Farmworkers in the Israeli Countryside, 98 Horizons in Geography 131-148 (2020). [Hebrew], Available at SSRN:

Yahel Kurlander and Shahar Shoham, Intersectional Perspective of Women Labor Migrants in a Men-Dominated Occupation: The Agriculture Sector Case .

Yahel Kurlander, Shahar Shoham and Matan Kaminer, Crucial Yet Disavowed: Three Decades of Relations between Israeli Farmers and Thai Migrant Workers.

  National Legislation and Regulation

Yahel Kurlander, Maayan Niezna and Hila Shamir, COVID-19’s Impact on Non-Israeli Workers: Vulnerability, Commodification and Hope, 2 Israeli Sociology 82-89 (2021). [Hebrew] [Full Text] Available at SSRN: 3830342


Maayan Niezna, Yahel Kurlander and Hila Shamir, Underlying Conditions: The Increased Vulnerability of Migrant Workers Under COVID-19 in Israel, 6 (2) J. of Modern Slavery (2021). [Full Text] Available at SSRN:


Moria Paz, The Legal Reconstruction of Walls: N.D. & N.T. v. Spain, 2017, 2020, 22 N.Y.U. J. Legis. & Pub. Pol’y 693 (2020). [Full Text]


Hila Shamir, Feminist Approaches to the Regulation of Sex Work: Patterns in Transnational Governance Feminist Law Making, 52 Cornell Int'l  L.J. (2019). [Full Text]

Jon Davies, Criminological Reflections on the Regulation and Governance of Labour Exploitation, Trends Organ Crime (2019).

[Full text], available at SSRN: The final publication is available at:


Nomi Levenkron, Can the Master’s Tools Dismantle His House? Legislation as a Tool for Social Change: Criminalization of Customers in Sweden and Israel as a Case Study, Hukim (forthcoming, 2021). [Hebrew] [Draft]

Hanny Ben Israel, The Fragile String to Life Itself – Labor, Migration and Care between Altruism and Instrumentalism.

Yahel Kurlander and Yuval Livnat, Opening the Black Box of Recruitment Fees – Between Agency and Structure.

   שקד הרן, העסקה קבלנית של עובדות הניקיון באוניברסיטת תל אביב – נקודת מבט ביקורתית (עבודת מחקר,דצמבר 2019).[מאמר להורדה]

  Workers’ Organizations

Assaf S. Bondy and Jonathan Preminger, Collective Labor Relations and Juridification: A Marriage Proposal (2020), Economic and Industrial Democracy, available at  The final publication is available at:


Assaf S. Bondy, New Labor Actors Under Corporatism: Complementarity and the Renewal of Class Representation for Precarious Workers (2020), Critical  Sociology, available at SSRN: .The final publication is available at:

Yonat Ben Ozer, Worker Driven Social Responsibility: A Novel Tool Against Human Trafficking.


  Corporate Responsibility and Supply Chains

Tamar Barkay, Jon Davies, Irene Pietropaoli and Hila Shamir, Disruption in Construction: Anti-trafficking Chains in the UK Construction Sector.

Jon Davies, Labour Exploitation and Posted Workers in the European Construction Industry, in EUROPEAN WHITE-COLLAR CRIME: EXPLORING THE NATURE OF EUROPEAN REALITIES, (Nicholas Lord, Eva Inzelt, Wim Huisman & Rita Faria, (eds.) Bristol University Press, 2021). [Full text]

Jon Davies, Criminogenic Dynamics of the Construction Industry: A State-Corporate Crime Perspective,  Journal of White Collar and Corporate Crime (2021). [Full textavailable at SSRN: ] The final published version of this article is available at

Jon Davies, Corporate Harm and Embedded Labour Exploitation in Food Supply Networks, European Journal of Criminology (September 12, 2019). [Full text, available at SSRN:] The final published version of this article is available here.