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The Broadcast University - Introduction to Labor with Prof.Hila Shamir discussing "Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking", GALATZ (radio), July 21, 2020.  [Hebrew]


Nanchanok Wongsamuth, Labor Abuse Fears Rise for Thai Migrant Workers in Israel under New Deal, Thomson Reuters Foundation News, July 21, 2020. [THOMSON REUTERS] [JERUSALEM POST] [BANGKOKPOST] [MEKONG MIGRATION NETWORK] [THE TIMES OF INDIA] [THE WORLD NEWS MONITOR] [ECO-BUSINESS]


Everything is Political, Dr. Yahel Kurlander discussing TraffLab research on the Prohibition of Consumption of Prostitution and Paying for Sex, Receiving Payment for Sex and Attitudes Towards Prostitution/Sex Work Law, MIXCLOUDKol ha galil haelyon (radio), July 19, 2020. [Hebrew]


Maayan Niezna, The "Modern Slaves" Have Been Forgotten in the Data on the Struggle against Human Trafficking in Israel, WALLA NEWS, July 19 2020. [Hebrew]


Lee Yaron, One-third of Israeli Men Have Paid for Sexual Services at Least Once, Survey Finds, HAARETZ, July 12, 2020. [English] [Hebrew]


Maayan Niezna, Under Control: Palestinian Workers in Israel During COVID-19, Border Criminologies, University of Oxford Faculty of Law, July 7, 2020. [English]

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Hila Shamir, In the Time of Corona: Listen to the Vulnerable Workers, THEMARKER MAGAZINE, May 11,2020. [Hebrew]


Frontiers of Science (“Krav Maeda”) with Prof. Hila Shamir, GALATZ (radio), May 12, 2020.  [Hebrew]

Amod De Vinter, Employment of Thai [workers] in Times of Corona, KAV LAMOSHAV, April 23, 2020. [Hebrew]




Hila Shamir, Human Trafficking, Talking about Law - TAU Law Podcast, February 23, 2020. [Hebrew]




Guy Varon, A Disturbing Phenomenon: Foreign Workers in the Agricultural Sector Selling Drugs, MAKO N12, February 8, 2020. [Hebrew]



​Hila Shamir, How to Address Human Trafficking?, “Private Investigators”, YNET, June 22, 2019. [Hebrew].



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​Assaf Bondy, Death Against the Backdrop of Ethnic-National Status: the Reckless Sphere of the Construction Industry, SICHA MEKOMIT, May 25, 2019. [Hebrew]



​Linoy Bar Gefen, Like Furniture Working in Our House, HAMAKOM, February 13, 2019. [Hebrew]




Karen Shalit, Human Bondage Has Not Yet Ended – Also in Israel, THE MARKER, December 31, 2018. [Hebrew]




Gur Megiddo, “Imprisonment, Beatings and Deserters’ Police” – What is Happening to Turkish Workers in Israel?, THE MARKER, September 18, 2018. [Hebrew]


Beyond the Myth: Lifting the Veil on Human Trafficking (interview with Dr. Hila Shamir), Highlighting Research, De Jure- Tel Aviv Buchmann Faculty of Law Magazine, March 2018. [English] [Hebrew]


TraffLab is funded by the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. 
Grant agreement No 756672. 

Principal Investigator: Hila Shamir
Host Institution: Tel Aviv University, Israel
Duration: 5 years
Start date: April 1st, 2018

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