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blue scaffolding over rows of shipping containers

July 5, 2022


Tel Hai Academic College
East Campus, room 2318

The Event is free and open to the public. 

Event Poster (English)

Organizing Committee:

Tamar Barkay, Tel Hai Academic College


Noa Levy, Tel Hai Academic College

Hila Shamir, Tel Aviv University, PI TraffLab (ERC)







Human trafficking and other severe forms of labour market exploitation are considered to be some of the major social and moral challenges of our times. Global supply chains are a crucial factor in deepening workers’ exploitation and pose a key challenge in crafting solutions, since the physical and legal distance between corporate headquarters and workers at the bottom of supply chains, conceal workers’ exploitation from the public (and possibly also the corporate) ‘eye’. The workshop aims to explore ways to increase workers’ rights in domestic and global supply chains through the action of the state, workers’ organizations, civil society and consumers, while engaging with suppliers and corporations. The event brings together leading scholars, practitioners and activists, to discuss the structural conditions that can enable effective labour standard setting and workers’ rights.

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