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June 6-8, 2021
Tel Aviv University
Virtual Format, Via Zoom

Event Poster (English)

Conference session times are listed on the Event Poster: Tel Aviv, GMT +3

Organizing Committee:

Prof. Hila Shamir, Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law, TraffLab (ERC) Principal Investigator

Prof. Adam Chilton, University of Chicago Law School

Dr. Tamar Megiddo, College of Law and Business and TraffLab (ERC) 

Dr. Yahel Kurlander, TraffLab (ERC) Post-Doctoral Fellow


Dr. Avinoam Cohen, College of Management and TraffLab (ERC) 

Dr. Yuval Livnat,  Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law, TraffLab (ERC) 


The conference aims to create a space for an interdisciplinary and international conversation between scholars on bilateral labor agreements, the motivations behind them, their implications for migration governance, the rights of workers and their unique character as international law documents. Papers will be considered for publication in a special issue of the journal Theoretical Inquiries in Law (TIL).

Participants include Adam Chilton, Bartek Woda, Nicola Piper, Rebeca Raijman, Jenna Hennebry, Rebekah Smith, Zuzana Cepla, Jennifer Gordon, Sudarat Musikawong, Marius Olivier, Nonna Kushnirovich, Mrion Panizzon, Tijana Lujic, and Janie Chuang.


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