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Tel Aviv University Workers' Rights Clinic - Attorney

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Michal Tadjer

Adv. Michal Tadjer

Michal Tadjer is the clinical instructor of the clinic for workers' rights.


Michal was a lawyer and head of the legal department at KavLaOved, representing workers from the secondary labor market, identifying victims of trafficking in person and forced labor, and exposing structures that produce worker's exploitation.

As part of the TraffLab project, Tadjer will work in the Workers' Rights Clinic on a number of cases related to the Project research. 

Relevant Publications

Yahel Kurlander, Michal Tadjer and Zoe Gutzeit, Privatization, Exclusion and Neglect – The Health of Migrant Workers in the Israeli Agricultural Sector, Mishapt U'Mimshal (Law and Governance) (2022).  [Hebrew]

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