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Chinmayi N. Naik

Chinmayi N. Naik

Chinmayi Naik is an Urban Planner, Architect and Researcher of labour policy who works on the issues of social protection, employment and supply chain and is a TraffLab Research Fellow.


Chinmayi has completed her MSc. from Oxford Brookes University. Her master's analyses the dynamics and working mechanism of the informal sector and highlight its prominence in the urban areas for achieving social and economic sustainability. The study also explored the role of member-based organisations and local government in improving informal workers working conditions, social protection and life skill development. After post graduation, she was involved with grassroots organisations in India to understand the people's perception of the National Budget which led to the development of a shadow budget. 


She is currently working with a Pan India Network of Workers Organisation - Working Peoples Coalition (WPC) and its sister organisations - Labour Axis (Labour Research Think Tank) and India Labourline (Mediation and Legal Aid Centre) as a Research Coordinator. Chinmayi is a grassroot activist and passionately partakes in providing legal aid to ensure workers' rights to wages, social security and worksite safety.


Research at TraffLab: 

Chinmayi brings to TraffLab her unique insight as a grassroot activist in labour policy. She is involved in 

1. The study of the Transferability of the Mathadi board in other sectors and 

2. Modern Slavery and the Governance of Global Value Chains.

TraffLab Fellow


Relevant Publications

Access to Minimum Wages: Evidence from Delhi, 2022


Social Protection: Failing the Workers, Governance Review – Promises and Realities (2021-22), 64


Social Protection: Is social security a function of employment?, Governance Review – Promises and Realities (2020-21),  96


After the long marches: What do workers want? (2020)


Rethinking Urban Livelihood: Thriving Informal Economy in Urban Areas in India (2019)

Chinmayi Naik, Urban Employment Guarantee Schemes in India: A hope for the urban poor, WFC, [Full Text]


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