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TraffLab Post-doctoral Fellow
Parasol Fellow

Jonathan Davis
Jonathan Davies

Dr. Jonathan Davies

Jonathan Davies is a criminologist by background, and completed his doctoral thesis in criminology at The University of Manchester in 2017. His thesis focused on migrant labour exploitation in the UK food industry and its supply networks. Between 2017 and 2018, Davies continued working at Manchester as a Research Associate. Key projects included: a food fraud vulnerability assessment of the dairy industry on the Island of Ireland (funders: Food Safety Authority of Ireland); and an examination of policing responses to ‘modern slavery’ (funders: British Academy). Aside from his research background, Davies has taught at The University of Sheffield, The University of Manchester, and Coventry University. Jon has general research interests in the areas of labour exploitation, corporate and organisational crime, and harm.

Research at TraffLab: As part of the Tel Aviv TraffLab project, Davies will conduct an analysis of supply networks in order to identify vulnerability points to labour trafficking, as well as appropriate intervention points and strategies. It is hoped that this analysis will assist businesses to tackle labour trafficking and exploitation in their supply networks.


Relevant Publications

Tamar Barkay, Jonathan Davies, Irene Pietropaoli and Hila Shamir, Anti-trafficking Chains: Analyzing the Impact of Transparency Legislation in the UK Construction Sector, Law & Social Inquiry (2024). Published online 2024:1-32. doi:10.1017/lsi.2024.6 . [Full Text]


Jon Davies, Hanna Maria Malik, Anniina Jokinen and Saara Haapasaari, Private and Public Co-operation in Preventing and Addressing Corporate Crime: The Case of Labour Trafficking in the Finnish Construction Industry, Crime Law Soc Change (2023). [Full Text]


Hanna Mallik, Johanna Vanto, Liisa Lähteenmäki, Jalo Vatjus-Anttila and Jon Davies, A Critical Perspective on The Administrative Approach to Crime Prevention: The Case of Labour Trafficking, European Journal of Criminology (April 2022). doi:10.1177/14773708221092330 [Full Text]


Jon Davies, Criminogenic Dynamics of the Construction Industry: A State-Corporate Crime Perspective, 3(2) Journal of White Collar and Corporate Crime 90 (2021). [Full text, available at SSRN: ] The final published version of this article is available at

Jon Davies, Labour Exploitation and Posted Workers in the European Construction Industry, in EUROPEAN WHITE-COLLAR CRIME: EXPLORING THE NATURE OF EUROPEAN REALITIES, (Nicholas Lord, Eva Inzelt, Wim Huisman & Rita Faria, (eds.) Bristol University Press, 2021). [Full text]


Jon Davies, Criminological Reflections on the Regulation and Governance of Labour Exploitation, Trends Organ Crime (2019).

[Full text, available at SSRN:] The final publication is available at:

Jon Davies, Labour Exploitation and Work-Based Harm (book review) Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Books (forthcoming, 2019).


Jon Davies and Nicholas Lord, A Handbook of Food Crime: Immoral and Illegal Practices in the Food Industry and What to Do about Them (book review), Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Books (forthcoming, 2019).


Natalia Ollus and Jon Davies, Labour Exploitation and Human Trafficking as Corporate Crime, Supply Chain Activities in Food Production and Cleaning Services, Crime, Law and Social Change  (forthcoming, 2019).


Jon Davies, Corporate Harm and Embedded Labour Exploitation in Food Supply Networks, European Journal of Criminology (September 12, 2019). [Full text],available at SSRN:  The final published version of this article is available here.

Jon Davies, From Severe to Routine Labour Exploitation: The Case of Migrant Workers in the UK Food Industry, Criminology & Criminal Justice (2018), online publication ahead of print, March 10, 2018. [Full Text]

Jon Davies, in LABOR EXPLOITATION AND MIGRANT WORKERS IN UK FOOD SUPPLY CHAINS, Emerging Voices: Critical Social Research. European Group for the Study of Deviance and Social Control: EG Press, 37-48 (Samantha Fletcher and Holly White, eds. 2017).


Jon Davies, Business as Usual? Routine Labour Exploitation in UK Food Supply Chains (March 2, 2017) available at


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