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Visiting Research Fellow at TraffLab

January 2019

January 2020

Irene Pietrapaoli
Irene Pietrapaoli

Dr. Irene Pietropaoli

Irene Pietropaoli is a Research Fellow at the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL) and a TraffLab Visiting Research Fellow.


Pietropaoli holds a PhD from the School of Law of Middlesex University, London. Her thesis is on business and human rights, specifically on remedies for victims of corporate human rights abuses in transitional justice contexts. She has a first class honours LL.M in International Human Rights Law from the Irish Centre for Human Rights and a first degree in Law from the university La Sapienza of Rome.


Pietropaoli works as a Research Fellow in Business and Human Rights for the British Institute of International and Comparative Law, based in London, UK. For the previous 15 years, Pietropaoli has worked with international organizations and NGOs in different countries of Europe, Latin America, South and Southeast Asia – mainly on labour and union rights and on business and human rights. During the past three years, she was based in Yangon, Myanmar, where she worked as a business and human rights consultant for Amnesty International and for the International Federation for Human Rights. Previously, she was a researcher at Business & Human Rights Resource Centre in London. Pietropaoli has been a Visiting Lecturer at the Universidade de Oeste de Santa Catarina in Brazil and at Regents’ University and Middlesex University of London. She has published regularly in international human rights law journals and books. Her latest publication, on the role of NGOs in the business and human rights treaty currently under negotiations at the UN, was published in 2017 by the Oxford Journal of Human Rights Practice.


Relevant Publications:

Tamar Barkay, Jonathan Davies, Irene Pietropaoli and Hila Shamir, Anti-trafficking Chains: Analyzing the Impact of Transparency Legislation in the UK Construction Sector, Law & Social Inquiry (2024). Published online 2024:1-32. doi:10.1017/lsi.2024.6 . [Full Text]


Irene Pietropaoli and Phil Bloomer, Governments Can Help Make Business More Diligent on Human Rights, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre (December 17, 2018), available at

Nadia Bernaz and Irene Pietropaoli, The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in the Business and Human Rights Treaty Negotiations, 9(2) Oxford Journal of Human Rights Practice 287–311 (2017). [Full Text]

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