Post-doctoral Fellow


Dr. Ayushman Bhagat

Ayushman Bhagat is a Post-Doctoral Fellow – TraffLab (ERC) and Parasol Fellow, Buchmann Faculty of Law at Tel-Aviv University, Israel. He recently submitted his doctoral thesis in the department of Geography at Durham University, UK. Before enrolling as a research postgraduate, Ayushman implemented and evaluated several programmes related to human trafficking, migration, forced/bonded labour, and modern slavery at the policy level (the ILO, social sector consultancies, and government departments), and assisted several communities in the evolution of self-governing institutions in and around wildlife sanctuaries at the grassroots level (NGOs). With more than eight years of social issue-based engagement across multiple geographic locations, Ayushman positions himself as an action-oriented and output-driven development professional.

Research at TraffLab: Ayushman aims to conduct a pilot research project in Qatar and Malaysia to highlight Nepali workers’ everyday practices and responses against rightlessness, oppression, and exploitation they experience. On the basis of that, Ayushman plans to write a larger research project to examine the interplay between diverse practices of people on the move and the effect of (anti-) trafficking and modern slavery discourse along the South-Asia-Middle East Migration corridor.


Relevant Publications

Bhagat A, 2020, ‘Departure Avenues: the politics of (anti-) trafficking and emigration control in Nepal’, Department of Geography, Durham University, UK (Thesis submitted for examination)

Bhagat A, 2020, ‘Trafficking Borders’, Political Geography (In review)


TraffLab is funded by the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. 
Grant agreement No 756672. 

Principal Investigator: Hila Shamir
Host Institution: Tel Aviv University, Israel
Duration: 5 years
Start date: April 1st, 2018

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