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TraffLab Research Fellow

Avinoam cohen
Avinoam Cohen

Dr. Avinoam Cohen

Dr. Avinoam Cohen is a TraffLab Research Fellow.


Cohen holds a PhD from Tel Aviv University, Faculty of Law. He studies interplays between transformations in law and its institutions, changes in modes of governance and political participation, and political theory.

Cohen teaches at the Global Migration and Policy MA program at TAU. At the College of Management he teaches international law and human rights, and co-established and instructs the Concord international law and human rights clinic. Under the auspices of the Zola Human Rights Chair, he is the instructor for a writing workshop for legal practitioners working in fields of human rights and social justice.


Research at TraffLab: In Trafflab, Cohen aims to further his research into the interrelations between different layers of migration governance, by focusing on bilateral migration agreements and attempts to establish regional and global migration regimes.


Relevant Publications


Avinoam Cohen and Yahel Kurlander, Agriculture as a Site of Trafficking in Persons, Modern Slavery and Forced Labor: Between Migrant Recruitment and Worker Rights, 6 Law, Culture and Society, Special Issue: Trafficking in Persons 239 (2023). [Hebrew] [Abstract in English]


Yahel Kurlander and Avinoam Cohen, BLAs as Sites for the Meso-Level Dynamics of Institutionalization: A Cross-Sectoral Comparison, 23(2) Theoretical Inquiries in Law, Special Issue: Bilateral Agreements 246 (2022). [Full Text]


Avinoam Cohen, Trespassing: Detention of Asylum Seekers at the Broadening Margins of Criminal Law, in Justice in the Legal System? Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure in ISRAEL: PROBLEMS AND CHALLENGES 435 (Alon Harel ed., 2018). [Hebrew] [Full Text]

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