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Post-doctoral Fellow and TraffLab Research Fellow

Assaf Bondy
Assaf Bondy

Dr. Assaf S. Bondy

Assaf S. Bondy is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Safra Center for Ethics at Tel-Aviv University and at the TraffLab Project.


Studying collective action and forms of contention, Bondy's current projects deal with trade-unions’ strategies and the ways they promote workers’ rights and voice as well as affect macroeconomic growth.  Prior to Joining Tel-Aviv University, he was a Postdoctoral Fellow at UCLA and at the Hebrew University (Jerusalem) and worked on transformations of workers’ representation from a relational perspective. Bondy’s research takes into account the transformations of workers’ representation through the recent decades as a conflictual process – across as well as within the class divide. In the years 2008-2017 Bondy took part in the foundation of “Koach LaOvdim (Power to the Workers) – Democratic Trade Union”. He worked as an organizer, coordinated the union’s southern district and was the leading coordinator of the transport sector union.


Research at TraffLab: Bondy will lead several projects centered on precarious workers’ collective action and representation. Together with Prof. Hila Shamir (PI), he will analyze the interrelations of migration policies and labor rights in the Israeli construction sector.


Relevant Publications


Assaf S. Bondy and Jonathan Preminger, Conflicting Imperatives? Ethnonationalism and Neoliberalism in Industrial Relations, 0(0) ILR Review (2022), available at The final publication is available at:


Assaf S. Bondy and Jonathan Preminger, Collective Labor Relations and Juridification: A Marriage Proposal (2020), 43(3) Economic and Industrial Democracy 1260, available at  The final publication is available at:

Assaf S. Bondy, New Labor Actors Under Corporatism: Complementarity and the Renewal of Class Representation for Precarious Workers (2020), 47(3) Critical  Sociology 425, available at SSRN: .The final publication is available at:

Assaf  Bondy, The Formation and Erosion of Industry Collective Bargaining: Development of a Hybrid Working Relationship in the Private Sector in Israel, 16 Work, Society and Law 79 (2020) [Hebrew]


Assaf Bondy and Guy Mundlak, Connecting the Dots: Coordination in Decentralised Trade Union Organising, in J. Lopez (ed.), COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AND COLLECTIVE ACTION: LABOUR AGENCY AND GOVERNANCE IN THE 21ST CENTURY, 75 (London: Hart Publications, 2019). [Full Text]

Assaf S. Bondy, 58:2 Br. J. Industrial Rel. 471 (2020) (reviewing M. Ford, From Migrant to Worker: Global Unions and Temporary Labor Migration in Asia (2019).  [Full Text]

Assaf S. Bondy, The (Dis)advantages of Sector-level Bargaining: Outsourcing of Cleaning Work and the Segmentation of Israeli Industrial Relations system. 60 (5) Journal of Industrial Relations, 691 (2018). [Full Text]


Assaf Bondy, Worker Participation as a Sound Element in Corporate Governance, in SUSTAINABLE COMPANY AND FAIR RELATIONSHIPS: EUROPEAN EXPERIENCE FOR IMPLEMENTATION IN ISRAEL 31-47 (Roby Nathanson, R. and Itamar Gazala (eds.), Macro Center and Hans Boeckler Stiftung Publishing, 2015 [Full Text]


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